BytePro Enterprise

BytePro Enterprise employs Microsoft® SQL Server technology especially for banks, credit unions, mortgage bankers and mortgage brokers looking for a best-of-breed loan origination software solution that offers maximum security, compliance, scalability and flexibility.

Key Features

  • SQL Server provides enterprise scalability and performance
  • Secondary Market for best efforts or mandatory delivery
  • Custom Screens and Custom Documents include calculated custom fields you create and control for your company’s requirements
  • Macros for Automation are a powerful tool you use to program automatic functions. 
  • Validation Rules use your business rules logic to ensure compliance and consistency
  • Electronic Document Storage within the BytePro loan file
  • Security Manager prevents unauthorized access to data
  • Field Level Audit Log tracks who, when and old and new field values
  • Centralized Data simplifies administrative control
  • Web Services provides Internet access without a VPN
  • Software Development Kit lets you build your own interfaces

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Product Features


Centralized administration

Keep control of processes with centralized administration via the SQL Server database.

Changes in user permissions, tables (such as the loan programs table), and custom documents are quickly propagated throughout the company; there is no need to manually copy configuration files. In addition, users in distant branches can be disabled immediately.

Validation rules

Validation rules are enforced when the status of the loan is changed, ensuring that the loan is complete and accurate before it enters the next stage in the origination process.

Validation rules are incredibly flexible and can be customized to meet the unique needs of your business. Mistakes can be prevented early by requiring loan parameters to meet the requirements of the loan program.

Audit log

The audit log ensures accountability by tracking every time a field changes. The log records

  • Who changed the field
  • The time the field was changed
  • The new value of the field  

Print log

The print log is updated every time a document is printed or e-mailed.

The log records

  • The date and time the document was printed
  • Who printed it
  • The document description
  • Whether the document was printed or e-mailed.

You can use the print log in conjunction with validation rules to prevent a user from handing off a file until all required disclosures have been printed.

Prevent modification of individual fields

You can limit modifications to loan data based on the type of user and the status of the loan file, ensuring that users do not change information inappropriately. An entire file, or just individual fields, can be made read-only.  

Access control to screens, documents and services

Even though a particular set of users may need access to a loan file, you may want to restrict them to certain screens and features. For example, you may not want your loan officers to view the profitability screen or the loan's closing documents.  You can remove those documents from view permanently, or just at some file statuses.

Loan lock-down

Loan files are stored securely in the SQL database, so users can be prevented from copying them to their laptop or USB drive.

Users can only view loan files that are assigned to them -- they won't even know about loan files that aren't.

An administrator can prevent users from deleting loan files, and an administrator can even undelete loan files if an authorized user accidentally or maliciously deleted them.

Lock Desk and Secondary

The loan officer's lock request moves directly to the Secondary Lock Desk screen. Automated emails flow between loan officer and the Lock Desk with pertinent date and times, lock details and notes. Lock critical data once the decision has been made.

After closing, track funding, interim payments, Purchase Advice and profitability on the Secondary and Funding screens. Track best effort commitments, or if your company is ready for mandatory, add the loan to a trade where you will track commitment amounts, allocation totals, adjustments and much more.

Fannie and Freddie loan delivery (ULDD)

Select the destination GSE at the top of the ULDD screen, and the data fields displayed will correspond to data required by that GSE. Alerts appear to the left of fields missing required data.

Click 'Validate Only' to run a review and fix validation routine that checks for missing or incorrectly selected data, field by field. 'Create File' runs the validation routine and creates the Fannie or Freddie specific ULDD file, ready for import at the GSE's loan delivery web portal.

BytePro is a certified ULDD vendor for both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The ULDD file format will be mandatory for both GSEs on or after July 23, 2012.

Macros for automation

Macros are a powerful tool that utilize JScript to automatically change loan file data. A macro can add, edit or delete information when the user opens or closes a loan, enters data, or moves to a new screen. A macro can also automatically send an email when a critical date is reached, create processing log items, set pipeline colors, cancel an interface launch and more.

Lightning fast SQL reporting

Easily create comprehensive management reports that let you quickly assess the state of your business in real time.

Because all loan data is stored in a SQL server database, reporting on a large number of loans is lightning fast. In competing LOS software, report generation can be quite slow if loan files are stored individually on the hard disk.

In addition, because data can be centralized in a single database, there is no need to run separate reports for data stored in multiple branches.

Internet access without a VPN

BytePro Enterprise's "Web Services" feature enables remote users to securely connect to the BytePro Enterprise database using a standard Internet connection; no VPN is required. With the BytePro Enterprise application installed, remote users can edit files, order services and print documents just as if they were in the office. Users can be configured so that no data is stored locally, eliminating the possibility of data loss through theft of computer equipment. For more information on Web Services and other access methods, see our BytePro Enterprise Access Methods page.

ClickOnce Deployment

ClickOnce is a Microsoft technology that allows the BytePro Enterprise client software to be easily deployed to a large number of workstations with minimal effort. The client software can be initially installed from a web page and updates to the client are automatic. For more information on ClickOnce and other deployment options, see our BytePro Enterprise Deployment Methods page.

Software Development Kit (SDK)

The BytePro SDK lets you develop add-ins that integrate directly into the BytePro user interface. 

The SDK can also allow a stand-alone application to interact with BytePro loan data.

For more information download the SDK Guide.  

Offline file creation

The administrator can allow selected loan officers to start loan files on their laptop computers without being connected to the SQL Server database. When the loan officers return to the office their loan files are uploaded into the main database. All loan data stored locally is encrypted for security.

Users can belong to multiple organizations

Users can belong to more than one organization in the organizational hierarchy, and they can have different roles and permissions at each organization. The administrator has the flexibility to grant a single user extensive permissions for one organization and restricted permissions for another.