BytePro Online

Increase productivity with secure, remote access to BytePro via the Internet -- any time, any place.

BytePro Online offers the same innovative features as BytePro Enterprise, and delivers them as a managed service via the Internet.

  • Do you have remote employees?
  • Do you need access to your loan files when you're at home or on the road?
  • Are your offices decentralized?
  • Is your IT staff limited or overwhelmed?

If you answered Yes to even one of these questions, you should consider BytePro Online.

Key Features

  • Secure access to your loan files via the Internet -- from your home, the office or on the road
  • Minimal installation and automatic updates allow you to reduce your IT resources
  • Uptime and availability are ensured with around-the-clock staffing at our data center
  • Stringent security provides protection against unauthorized access
  • Automatic nightly backups protect your data against accidental loss
  • Loan lock-down -- users can't download the files unless you give them permission

Next Steps

Product Features


Reduce IT Resources

Because BytePro Online is a hosted application, there is almost no burden on your IT resources. Your IT department does not have to spend time installing new versions of the software or backing up the data. We take care of safeguarding your information as well as keeping the application up-to-date.

Stringent Security Features

Due to privacy and security concerns, Byte Software employs stringent security measures with BytePro Online. The online solution is hosted by our parent company, CBCInnovis, within a state-of-the-art data technology center in the Midwest. Featuring around-the-clock staffing and support, the center has redundant Internet connections and operates with the highest levels of security to ensure the integrity of your data.

Immediate Scalability

Scaling up and scaling back is a fact of life in the mortgage business. As you add new employees, or if an employee changes status, it is simple and quick to update their access and permissions.

BytePro Online ensures the bandwidth to accommodate a large number of simultaneous connections.

No application installation

It is not necessary to install the BytePro software on client computers; only a one-time installation of a small "gateway" application is needed to access the  BytePro application and data located on the remote data server.


Q. What is BytePro Online?

A. BytePro Online is the hosted version of our innovative BytePro Enterprise loan origination software program. The program is virtually identical to the Enterprise Edition of BytePro, only you can access it whenever you like, from any place you like.

Q. Can I really access BytePro Online from any place?

A. Yes! As long as you have a PC with an Internet connection, you can access BytePro Online from any place in the United States, including remote offices, clients' homes, your home office or even the local coffee shop!

Q. What steps have you taken to ensure I will have access to BytePro Online when I need it?

A. The servers that host BytePro Online employ the latest technologies, including redundant hard disks and power supplies. The servers themselves are set up within a load-balanced server farm, so in the highly unlikely event one of the servers goes down the other servers in the server farm can pick up the extra load.

In addition, the BytePro Online servers are hosted by Byte Software's parent company, CBCInnovis. CBCInnovis is a leading provider of credit reports to the mortgage industry, and it maintains a large data center in Columbus, Ohio to handle the millions of credit reports it processes every year.

Q. Can you give me more details about the data center?

A. Here are some of the facts about the data center:

  • A 750 kW diesel generator is capable of powering the 6,000 square-foot data center indefinitely
  • A FM-200 fire suppression system can contain fires without damaging equipment
  • There are 16 cameras positioned throughout the data center, which is staffed 24x7x365
  • The data center is served by multiple DS3 lines that connect to different points on the Internet backbone, so that even if part of the backbone goes down BytePro Online will remain running. A DS3 connection is equivalent to 28 T1 lines.
  • The data center is audited annually by VeriSign to ensure security

Q. How often is my data backed up?

A. All loan files are backed up nightly to tape. The tapes are stored at a secure offsite storage facility.

Q. Can I download my loan files to my local PC?

A. You can designate administration employees who can have the ability to download files to their local PC. Non-administrative employees cannot download the files.

Q. Do you have after-hours technical support?

A. Our normal business hours are 6:30 AM to 4:30 PM Pacific Time. However, our data center in Columbus, Ohio has 24x7 after-hours telephone support.

Q. Are there any times that I won't be able to access the program?

A. We provide notification from within BytePro Online of any scheduled downtime for system maintenance. System maintenance is infrequent; when needed it is scheduled between the hours of 2 AM and 6 AM Eastern Time.

Q. What is IP address security?

A. An IP address uniquely identifies your computer (or computer network) on the Internet. Think of it as the Internet's version of your telephone number.

If your organization requires extra security, we can limit access to your BytePro Online account only from IP addresses that you authorize. If anyone with a different IP address attempts to log in to view your files, they will be automatically blocked.

You must have a static IP address to use this feature. If you have a static IP address it means that every time you access the Internet you are using the same IP address. Contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to determine if you have a static IP address.