Over 1,000 Organizations Trust BytePro Loan Origination Software
Our clients range from multi-state lenders originating thousands of loans per month to small organizations originating just a few. Whether your business is retail, wholesale or correspondent lending, we have solutions to meet your needs.

Our Strengths

BytePro can be customized to meet the unique workflow needs of your business. Our solutions can be used to support retail, wholesale, and correspondent channels.
BytePro helps you avoid costly mistakes with comprehensive compliance features such as real time compliance checks, HUD-1 fee tolerance tracking, fraud reports, and audit trails.
At Byte Software we are completely dedicated to ensuring that our clients succeed by getting the most out of our solutions. That's service you can trust.

Our Products

BytePro Online
BytePro Online is our enterprise-class LOS that is hosted in our data center, making it ideal for organizations with limited IT resources. We take care of storing your information and updating the application.
BytePro Enterprise
BytePro Enterprise is our enterprise-class LOS that is installed locally on your own network. You maintain full control of the application and data.
BytePro Standard
BytePro Standard is our limited version LOS that is designed especially for smaller organizations and mortgage brokers.

Our History

Byte Software has a long history in the mortgage industry. We were founded in 1985 and initially catered to mortgage brokers, community banks and credit unions. Over the years we've grown to provide mortgage lenders of all sizes the tools they need: document imaging, secondary marketing, web portals, compliance audits, and much more.

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