BytePro Enterprise Deployment Methods

The BytePro Enterprise client software can be deployed in a number of ways as described below. You may also wish to review the methods for accessing the BytePro Enterprise database.

This page does not apply to BytePro Online, which is hosted by Byte Software, or to BytePro Standard, which is deployed via a standard Windows installer package.

Standard Installation Packages

The BytePro Enterprise client software can be installed on computer workstations using standard installation packages, similar to those used for popular desktop applications. The installation packages are available for download directly from the Byte Software web site. Standard installation packages must be installed by a user with Administrator rights while logged into the workstation.

MSI Installation Packages

MSI installation packages allow a user to install the BytePro Enterprise client software on a remote computer. MSI installation packages can be downloaded from the Byte Software web site.

ClickOnce Deployment

ClickOnce is a Microsoft technology that allows software to be installed and updated from a web page. While more complicated to set up initially, ClickOnce makes it very easy to deploy the application to a large number of workstations. ClickOnce works as follows: