The BytePro solution offers something for everyone in your organization.

Key Features

Document Imaging
Go paperless and eliminate expensive third-party imaging systems. The document imaging system features annotations, indexing, stacking, and investor delivery.
Web Portal
Allow your retail and wholesale originators to use a browser to start loans, track status, order credit, run DU and LP, and upload documents to satisfy conditions.
Custom Fields, Screens, and Docs
Build your own fields, screens, and documents to tailor BytePro to your organization's needs.
Task Management Tools
Stay on track and avoid overlooking required tasks with BytePro’s automated task assignment, tracking, and metrics.
Customizable Pipeline Views
Customize the pipeline so that each user has the pipeline views necessary for his or her job function.
Multiple User Editing
Reduce bottlenecks by allowing two or more users to edit the same loan file at the same time.

Features for Compliance Officers and Management

Management Reports
See the current state of the business at a glance. Create your own customized management reports with a few mouse clicks.
Compliance Audits and Fraud Reports
Reduce unnecessary risk exposure with compliance and fraud checks that can optionally be configured to run automatically when the loan status changes.
Real time QM / ATR Checks
Instantly check to make sure your loans meet critical QM/ATR requirements including the 3% points and fees test.
Validation Rules
Apply 'hard stop' validation rules to help ensure that every loan file meets management's criteria before it reaches the next stage in the process.
Audit Logs
Track every change made by every user with a simple mouse click.
TRID Compliance Lights
Monitor disclosure requirements, earliest closing dates, and cure requirements, all in real time. Enforce appropriate change-of-circumstance reasons on the fee level.

Features for Information Technology

SQL Server Technology
Scale the software to your business needs whether you have just a few users or thousands.
Write macros to automatically send emails, create tasks, and perform other actions in response to events in the software, such as status changes. The possibilities are almost endless.
Flexible Deployment
Easily deploy BytePro Enterprise to the field, and optionally access the database over the Internet — no VPN required. (BytePro Online is hosted by Byte Software and always accessed over the Internet.)
Software Development Kit
Integrate BytePro with other systems with our SDK (BytePro Enterprise only).

Features for Originators

DU and LP Interfaces
Make qualification easy with Desktop Underwriter® and Loan Prospector® interfaces.
Sales Tools
Quickly build a relationship with prospects with sales tools such as the Loan Comparison, Debt Consolidation Worksheet, and Rent versus Own Planner.
Automated Fee Estimates
Populate loan estimates quickly and accurately with just a few mouse-clicks.

Features for Processors

Processing Log
Track all documents in the processing log, including order-outs, verifications, and documents to be supplied by the borrower.
Vendor Integrations
Speed processing with native interfaces for credit, flood, VOE, 4506-T, fraud, and other services.

Features for Underwriters

Tie documents to conditions, making it quick and easy to sign off on conditions.
Underwriting History
Quickly identify any relevant loan data edits since the last underwriting review.
Conditions Import from DU and LP
Import conditions directly from DU and LP, reducing typing and eliminating data entry errors.
Underwriting Forms
Simplify the underwriting process with built-in underwriting forms such as the 1008 and 92900-LT.

Features for Secondary Marketing

Product and Pricing Integrations
Manage pricing, eligibility and locks with product and pricing interfaces with vendors such as Optimal Blue, Mortech, and others.
Trade Management Tools
Allocate loans against trades and monitor trade completion with our built-in trade management tools.
Lock History
Visually review incremental changes to pricing and eligibility fields since the loan was locked.

Features for Closers and Funders

Funding Worksheet
Automate the calculation of net funding amounts with the funding worksheet.
Draw documents easily with interfaces to leading document preparation providers.

Features for Post Closing

HMDA Extracts
Prepare HMDA data for your regulator directly from within BytePro.
NMLS Call Reporting
Leverage the built-in NMLS call reporting feature to streamline your reporting requirements.

Features for Shipping

Document Bundles
Transmit document bundles directly to investors using SMTP and other methods.
ULDD Exports
Deliver ULDD and UCD data to Fannie Mae® and Freddie Mac® with ease.

Features for Accounting

Accounting Screens
Track the purchase advise and warehouse information on the accounting screens.
Loan Payments
Track payments from borrower and disbursements to third parties on the loan payments screen.
Customizable Reports
Retrieve the financial information you need using customizable management reports.

Except where noted, all features apply to both BytePro Enterprise and BytePro Online.