Read what our clients have to say about us.

"Byte delivered in spades."

- Kevin Stitt, CEO, Gateway Mortgage Group, LLC

"We had a short list of requirements for our new LOS:

  • Effective compliance & process controls
  • Easy to implement, administrate, and train
  • Custom field, screen, and workflow capabilities
  • And…originators had to love it"

"Byte delivered in spades. Out-of-the-box functionality and an intuitive user experience allowed us to quickly implement and realize gains. Robust customization capabilities allow us to pursue a truly bespoke solution, custom-tailored to our organization."

"Two years and 10,000 loans later, we couldn’t be happier with our LOS. The Byte support team continues to deliver reliable and timely compliance updates, as well as innovative product enhancements that move our business forward."

"I highly recommend BytePro..."

- Gail Laymance, Centralized Operations Manager, Golden Empire Mortgage, Inc.

"We rigorously evaluated multiple software vendors when choosing a new LOS for our business that spans six states and is made up of over 60 branches. We were looking not only for software that would provide an all in one solution for both Corporate and branch users, but also for a company that was responsive to our needs. We found both of these features in Byte Software."

"With the BytePro system it is very easy to create custom screens and documents, and we found the macros indispensable for streamlining our process and ensuring data integrity. The built-in compliance tools show us any issues as they arise, and we appreciate that the SQL database provides us with complete control of our data."

"Our BytePro implementation went smoothly, and our users have had positive responses to the efficiencies they are experiencing as they use this system."

"I highly recommend BytePro to any lender searching for a new LOS."

"...simply amazing."
Kevin Anstead, IT Administrator, United Mortgage Corp.

"BytePro Enterprise is an excellent tool out of the box, but for a technology-driven company like United Mortgage, it is simply amazing. With help from the team at Byte Software, we've customized it heavily to conform to our workflow."

"Our business channels include both Wholesale and Retail originations. The BytePro Web Portal allows all users to feed a tremendous volume of business into the system, and the validation rules and macros help to keep all of those users on the straight-and-narrow."

"Dependable, friendly, one-on-one, timely support from first level support up to the actual programmers of the system. We consistently feed 'enhancement requests' that are approached with professionalism and implemented within the next updated version release."

"We've used several other systems over the years, hiring two consulting firms to help 'program our work flow' with disastrous results. With BytePro Enterprise, we were able to customize and program the system to our needs and workflow. We are delighted to have found BytePro Enterprise. I recommend it without hesitation."

"...makes custom documents a breeze."

- Lisa Rodman, Vice President Mortgage Operations, The Bank of Missouri

"One of the many reasons we chose BytePro Enterprise over the competition is due to the functionality of its Object Permissions. By using Object Permissions, we have the ability to lock down fields by a user's predefined role, which makes our compliance department very happy. The mail merge feature in BytePro Enterprise is also something we use every day; it makes custom documents a breeze. The preloaded sample reports that come with the program are relevant to our organization; although with BytePro Enterprise's enhanced reporting features, we're also allowed to create any custom report we want as well."

"Great support..."

- Terry Fraser, VP of Lending, Mackinac Savings Bank

"We looked at them all and decided on BytePro Enterprise. We are a small community bank, originating about 600 loans per year. Best features that tip the scale in BytePro’s favor:

  • Great support, they always answer and help right away
  • Well thought out imaging piece, the auto-indexing and stacking orders are so simple
  • We can add custom fields with built in calculations, along with custom screens, or add the custom fields to existing screens as a header or footer or both
  • Great custom document generator
  • Custom rules, keep your loan officers out of trouble"